Sharad Pawar said, “Language doesn’t suit him” on PM Modi’s “Lollipop” attack - TNBCLive

On Sunday, NCP Chief Sharad Pawar has slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for calling the farm loan waivers declared in Congress-ruled states as “lollipop”.

While addressing a press conference in central Maharashtra’s Ahmednagar, the former Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar claims that “Such language doesn’t suit the country’s Prime Minister. In fact, the centre should provide financial aid to the states which are giving farm loan waivers.”

Mr. Pawar continued, “Instead, he (Modi) is ridiculing the efforts to provide relief to farmers.”

On Saturday, while speaking at an event in Uttar Pradesh, PM Modi had alleged the Congress of misleading farmers on loan waivers, claims that its government in states has handed out “lollipops” instead of what they had actually promised to offer before the Assembly Elections.

PM Modi further claims, “Lollipops were handed out. The loan waiver was given to only 800 farmers (after the Congress-JD(S) government came to power in Karnataka).”

PM Modi’s remarks followed the loan waivers announced by state-ruling Congress in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh after the 2018 Assembly Elections.

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