Today, on International Women’s Day, business tycoon Robert Vadra has posted a special message to honor the “four strong women” in his life on Facebook. The husband of Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra wrote, “I am happy to be surrounded by 4 strong women, ‘my mother, my mother-in-law, my wife and my daughter’. The keywords to describe them are ‘hardworking, courageous, compassionate & determined.”

Mr. Vadra has posted two photos with his family, in one of them, UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi and his mother Maureen Vadra are found flanking the Gurgaon-based businessman as they found standing around a table.  

Mr. Vadra is being investigated by the Enforcement Directorate for accused of misconduct in land deals and property. He said, “My message: today and every day is your day! Make the most of it. May India become a safe and secure country of your dreams.” Last month, Mr. Vadra’s mother was interrogated in Jaipur. Mr. Varda continues that “I will celebrate the day with them, once I am back from ED interrogation… I have already deposed for 10 days of almost 64 hours, cooperating with the interrogations. I believe in truth and justice.”

“I know numerous other women, who have stood for their rights; who have excelled in fields including business, science, finance, sports,” added Robert Vadra.

On February 12, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has sent a clear message at the ED’s office in Delhi, when Mr. Vadra appeared for the first time interrogation. She told, “I stand by my husband.”

Later, Mrs. Vadra said, “These things will keep going on. I am doing my work,” when asked by reporters about her husband’s interrogation.

On Wednesday, Mr. Vadra has become the target of BJP taunts for saying that he would not join politics actively till his name is cleared. He was quoted saying, “I am in this country, there are people who have looted the country and run away, what about them? I am always going to be in this country, I will not leave or be in active politics till I clear my name – that is my promise.”

BJP tweeted: “Robert is really honest. Thanks for accepting that you looted. You are now eligible for the Bharat Ratna as per your family quota.”

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