Report: 14 Flights Canceled by Jet Airways As Pilot Call In Sick - TNBCLive

Mumbai: On Sunday 14 flights has been canceled by Jet Airways who is India biggest full- service airlines. This issue comes in light when some pilots reportedly sick over their unpaid salaries revealed by the source. It has mentioned that the jet always partially paid the salaries of the staff members for September even as the full salaries of October and November.

The sources added “ At least 14 flights have been canceled so far due to some pilots reporting sick. They are protesting against the non- payment of salaries and the attitude of the National Aviator’s Guild (NAG) in taking up the issue with the management.”

However, the Jet Airways have said that the flights were canceled oven unforeseen operational circumstances and nor because of the protest by pilots.

Other sources said that “ Some pilots have also written to Chairman Naresh Goel, saying they are unwilling to work this way”

Jet Airways said “ the company continues to enjoy the complete support and cooperation of all its employees, including pilots and engineers, individually and through their respective representative bodies, who have extended their solidarity and full support to the airline”

In a statement, the airlines added “ Jet Airways is committed to meet its obligations and has been progressively addressing this issue with the employees”

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