Today, BJP general secretary Ram Madhav said that his party will surprise analysts with a performance in West Bengal similar to that of Uttar Pradesh in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. His comments come after the exit poll predictions.

He said that “Bengal will surprise all the pollsters. We are hoping to do extremely well. What Uttar Pradesh was to us in 2014, Bengal will be in 2019”.

“Everybody has seen a tremendous outpouring of support for Prime Minister Modi and BJP in Bengal this time,” Ram Madhav added.

Meanwhile, BJP is trying to make inroads in West Bengal. Mr. Madav has denied some exit polls projections that “Mahagathbandhan” will get a sizable number of seats in Uttar Pradesh at the cost of the BJP.

He said, “Mere coming together of two parties does not make any difference. It is not about arithmetic only. They have to have a programme. People should be convinced that the coming together of these two parties will make a difference in their lives. That was not possible.”

“The confusion on what may happen in Uttar Pradesh will end on May 23. We will get good number of seats in UP,” he added. On the charge that these polls have been fought on the presidential model, the BJP leader said, “Leaders always matters in elections. In this case, Prime Minister Modi stands out as a very different and popular leader than any other leader of the country. That is a great advantage for us.”

“Right from the beginning, there was a wave in favour of PM’s leadership as well as his policies and programmes. Waves are largely created by the opposition but here is a situation where the ruling party created the wave in its favor. It speaks volumes about his leadership and his programmes,” Mr. Madhav said.

He confidently said that “We are very confident of getting more seats for BJP itself (than in 2014). Together with NDA allies, we will have a very comfortable situation”.

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