The center government’s admission of theft of Rafale fighter jets deals documents has offered the opposition with fresh ammunition. On Thursday, Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi has jeered at the BJP government, saying “gayab ho gaya” will be its new tagline.

He said the words would apply to a multitude of things- like “jobs for youths, right prices for farmers’ produce, promises of Rs. 15 lakh to everyone’s bank account, farmers’ insurance, black money after demonetization and Dokalam”.

On Wednesday, the government has told the top court, which has requested to reopen the case that classified documents related to the 36 Rafale fighter jets deal were stolen from the Ministry of Defence.

The petitioners have sought a review of the Supreme Court’s December Verdict, which endorsed the process followed in the deal had reviewed those papers illegally, said the government.

The admission had triggered a series of mocking, mostly at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who had called himself a ‘chowkidar’(watchman) of the country’s interests.

Most asked how classified documents from the Ministry of Defence could have been theft in the presence of the ‘chowkidar’.

On Thursday, BSP supremo Mayawati tweeted:

Rahul Gandhi mocks at BJP Government, saying “Gayab Ho Gaya” |

Sharad Pawar-led NCP (National Congress Party) tweeted” “‘Chowkidar’ cannot defend Files, can he be trusted with defending the country?”

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee also tweeted about the theft of documents, questions how cush a “farce” (tamasha) could go on in the country.

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