Rahul Gandhi Demands GST should not be charged on COVID-19 related equipments - TNBCLive

On Monday Congress leader Rahul Gandhi requested the central government to remove GST from all COVID-19 related equipment. According to Mr Gandhi it was “wrong” on the part of the government to charge Goods and Services Tax (GST) on sanitizes, soaps and masks.

Mr Gandhi tweeted, “During this difficult time of COVID-19, we have been constantly demanding that GST should not be charged on all small, big equipment related to management of this epidemic.” 

“It is wrong to collect GST on sanitisers, soaps, masks, gloves etc. from the people who are suffering from disease and poverty. We will stand by our demand of #GSTFreeCorona,” he said.

The Congress leader also attached a list of items along with GST charged on them by the government. He also launched a campaign demanding that GST should not be charged on equipment related to coronavirus.

According to the list, 12 percent GST is levied on blood test strips,  medical grade oxygen and hydrogen peroxide, 18 percent on sanitisers, liquid hand wash and furniture such as hospital beds and examination tables, and 5 percent on masks, diagnostic kits and some life saving drugs including vaccines.

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