Rahul Gandhi attacks PM Modi in Rajasthan says, “What kind of Hindu is he?” - TNBCLive

Amid criticism of his recently revealed ‘gotra’, frequent temple visits in election-bound states, Congress President Rahul Gandhi hits back at the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and asks for his “Knowledge of Hinduism”.

While addressing a rally in election-bound state Rajasthan, Mr. Gandhi said that “It is fascinating for me that what the essence of Hinduism is. You please study Hinduism. What does Gita say? It says that knowledge is with everybody. Knowledge is all around you. Our Prime Minister says that I am a Hindu but he does not understand the foundation of Hinduism. What kind of Hindu he is? That is the contradiction.”

A few weeks ago, a spokesman of BJP, Sambit Patra had asked controversially the Congress President: “what’s your gotra?”

A priest revealed that Mr. Gandhi is a “Dattatreya” and “Kashmiri Brahmin”. The priest claims to have old records of the Nehru-Gandhi family tree with his ancestors. ‘Gotra’ refers to descendants from a common ancestor.

From “Vatican gotra ka Brahmin” to “gotra Itlus” – a dig at the Italian origin of his mother Ms. Sonia Gandhi- the Congress Chief has been targeted constantly by the center-ruling BJP, prompted him to declared, “The BJP people don’t understand the Hindu religion at all. My understanding of Hinduism is better than theirs.”

However, a few days ago, Mr. Gandhi had pulled up a senior Congress leader CP Joshi and directed him to apologize over his controversial comments that “only Brahmins know enough to talk about Hinduism.”

Mr. Joshi’s comments were against the principles of the Congress, added the Congress President.

Busy in high-octane election campaigns in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and other election-bound states, the BJP said that the latest statement made by the Congress Chief against the PM Modi confirms that “all personal attacks on PM are sanctioned by Rahul Gandhi”.

“Rahul Gandhi picks up from where CP Joshi left. Questions PM’s Hinduism implying he is someone from a lower caste and unworthy of holding the high constitutional office or even commenting on Hinduism! It also establishes that all personal attacks on PM are sanctioned by Rahul,” tweeted BJP’s Amit Malviya.

Mr. Gandhi also hit out at PM Modi as compares his style of governance with that of the ex-Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Mr. Gandhi at the gathering in Rajasthan’s Udaipur said that “I saw Mr. Vajpayee. He used to fight us. We used to fight him. But his tone, languages were different. The man had character. We disagreed with him on so many things, but we said we will fight him politically.”

Citing to the surgical strikes on terror launch pads across the LOC in 2016, the Congress President further alleged PM Modi of turning the army’s 2016 Surgical Strike into a “Political Assets” for the BJP.

“Like during the Narendra Modi government, thea surgical strike was conducted thrice during Manmohan Singh government. Are you aware of it? When the army came to Mr. Singh and said we needed to retaliate, they also said we wanted it to be secret. But (Narendra) Modi Ji actually reached into the Army’s domain and turned their surgical strike into a political asset when it was actually a military decision,” added Mr. Gandhi.

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