Over the Rafale fighter jet deal, Congress President Rahul Gandhi said Prime Minister Narendra Modi also must be investigated and attacked the BJP government. One day before his remark he said there is “enough device” to prosecute PM Modi in the matter.
Mr. Gandhi allegedly remarked, “You can charge anything you want on anyone, but also press charges on the Prime Minister.”
While addressing a press conference in Delhi, the Congress President said, “PM Modi performed bypass surgery in Rafale deal. The purchase was delayed to benefit Anil Ambani.”
On Wednesday, the top court was to consider whether to re-open the case involving the acquisition of the 36 Rafale fighter jets when the government informed that court that several vital documents related to the case have been stolen.
Rahul Gandhi took a jibe at PM Modi saying that the files have disappeared in the same way as employment vanished after the notes ban in 2016 and execution of the Goods and Services Tax (GST).
Mr. Gandhi further added, “These days everything seems to be disappearing. Jobs for two crore youth – disappeared, promise of Rs. 15 lakh for all citizens – disappeared, promises of right price for farm produce – disappeared, economic growth – disappeared. And now, even the Rafale files – disappeared.”
Rahul Gandhi accused the Modi government of buying fewer fighter jets by spending more amount. PM Modi has also played a significant role as an agent of Anil Ambani, alleged Mr. Gandhi.
Meanwhile, the government has claimed that the petitioners in the case have accessed those documents illegally. Answering to the government’s charge, N Ram said documents related to the Rafale deal were published in public interest and nobody would get any information on the sources who provided them.

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