Accuses Prime Minister Narendra Modi of ignoring voices of fishermen, farmers, and small businessman, today, Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi said that NDA government has listened only to industrialists such as Nirav Modi, and Anil Ambani.

Interacting with fishermen at NFP (National Fishermen Parliament) organized by All India Fishermen Congress in Thriprayar near, Mr. Gandhi said that in India, the most significant thing is offering a voice to the people.

He continued, “In today’s government, Anil Ambani or Nirav Modi has a lot of voice,” adding that “Whatever they want to say to the PM Modi can do so in 10 seconds.”

“And they don’t have to shout. They can even whisper it and the message goes whereas farmers, fishermen and small businessmen…they have to shout very loudly before the government listens to them,” he said launching the Congress’ campaign for the Lok Sabha elections in Kerala,” added Mr. Gandhi.

The Congress Chief said that he was talking about the association of ‘dishonest’ people with PM Modi and “it is really the fight between Congress and Mod.”

Mr. Gandhi further accused the ‘dishonest’ people has supported Narendra Modi in marketing himself.

Takes a dig at PM Modi, Mr. Gandhi continued, “I don’t call Anil Ambani Anil Bhai, I don’t call Nirav Modi Nirav Bhai, I don’t call Mehul Choksi Mehul Bhai…”

He further mocks at Finance Minister Arun Jaitley for reportedly meeting industrialist fugitive Vijay Mallya, accused of bank loan defaults, before he ran away from India.

Replying to protest raised by fishing community members, Mr. Gandhi promised to set up a separate ministry for them if Congress is voted to power in the forthcoming election, claims unlike PM Modi he never makes ‘fake promises’.

“My commitment to you is that the moment we win the 2019 elections, all the fishermen of the country will get their own dedicated ministry in Delhi,” added Rahul Gandhi.

Assures fishermen that he would fulfill promises of Congress wins, Mr. Gandhi said that “I am not like Narendra Modi. I don’t make fake promises.”

He further said that “Please look at my speeches. When I say something, I only say it because I have decided to do it.”

Rahul Gandhi said that the fishermen have every day to prove to the nation that what they deserve.

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