On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his speech directly attacks Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu. He says that those in power in the state were indulging in scams. He indirectly attacks Telugu Desam Party (TDP) President, saying that they were not in the state as they knew that the party is going to be changed and they are going to be defeated in upcoming elections.

It was a video-conference with booth-level workers of BJP, where PM Modi says that the people of the state were looking for a change as they were deeply dissatisfied with the present political leadership.

PM Modi said that people have not forgotten the manner in which Congress separated Andhra Pradesh and those who joined hands with Congress have rubbed salt into people’s wound.

In the last month’s assembly elections in Telangana, PM Modi said that “What happened to this grand alliance in Telangana? They were totally rejected by the people and the same is going to happen in Andhra Pradesh.”

He also asked and pointed out that N T Rama Rao founded TDP and assured the protection of interests and pride of Telugu people adding that Those in power in Andhra Pradesh have not remained committed to their ideology. Can we expect them to be committed to people.”

PM Modi also claims that the centre will be fully committed for the protection of people of Andhra Pradesh and the government in the state will have to pay for every single paisa.

He raised various financial complaint asking where has gone  20,000 crores that were released to the state as the revenue shortage for the welfare of the people.Rs. 1,000 crore was released for backward districts but the state government was unable to timely utilize that, PM Modi said. Later he ordered his BJP workers to oppose the false propaganda which is being spread by the state government against the Center.

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