Political Parties Do Not Remember Promises, People Do: Anna Hazare - TNBCLive

Mumbai: Social activist Anna Hazare believes that the failure to fulfill promises made to people led to the defeat of the BJP in three Hindi-speaking states. The veteran anti-corruption fighter said that the ruling government may have forgotten its promises but people have not. Those in power at the center should heed voters warning ahead of the 2019 general elections he added.

Mr. Hazare said that assurances were given to people that black money will be brought back, farmers will get a good price for their produce, power will be decentralized and people will get Rs 15 lakh their bank accounts. However, none of these promises was fulfilled.

In an interview, Anna Hazare said “ It is not clear if they even remember the promises they made, but people do remember. That is why people understood they were false assurances to come to power.”

Talking the recently held result of assembly polls the social activist said that “ People have given the indication to those in power to be careful or they would be taught a lesson in the upcoming Lok  Sabha elections in 2019.”

Mr. Hazare further added that the November 2016 demonetization drive was a misstep and failed to achieve its stated objective of curbing black money. In a democracy, important decisions should be taken after thorough discussion and bringing on-board opposition.

While raising a question Mr. Hazare asked  “ Here, demonization was done according to their whims. People faced hardships. How much black money has come out? The RBI said 99 percent (scrapped) money returned to banks. Where is the black money then?

The social activist also asked if Yogi Adityanath Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister name changing spree was one of the factors that led to the BJP dismal poll performance, he said Lord Ram is not present in temples alone but inside every poor man.

Mr. Hazare also said “ Why are you only searching Him there (in temples)? Services of the poor are his worship. This is what Ram taught us”

Mr. Hazare said that there are already countless statues of Lord Ram in the world and what is need is to imbibe his teachings. He added “ however, these people have no training in doing seva of people. The country cannot be served while sitting at the top. The country is in villages. Serving villages are serving the nation”

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