Police Claim To Solve Bhojpur Murder Case Which Led To Assault Of Women

Police Claim To Solve Bhojpur Murder Case Which Led To Assault Of Women

Bihar, Ara: Police From Bhojpur district assures that to solve the murder case of a 19- year old man. Last week, the recovery of whose body had led to violence, inflame and stripping and parading of women.

The incident took place on August 20 where the body of Vimalesh Sah was found adjacent to a railway track in Bihiyan.

Police believe and suspected to those living in a red light area nearby could have killed the man. According to the Police people of Bhojpur district, Damodarpur village had torched several shops, assaulted shopkeepers and dragged a woman out on street, ripped off her clothes and paraded her naked.

Awakash Kumar, SP (Superintendent of Police) said that Vimalesh Sah had visited a woman of the red light area where She was strangled to death over some monetary dispute. As per the SP report.

There were four-person, including two women, dumped the body near the railway track.

The Police also added that Altogether 21 persons have been arrested have been in arrested in connection with the killing, for the violence and outraging the modesty of the women.

During this incident, the mob also threw stones at a train was passing through the area before police can be taken the situation under control. The team of Bhojpur Police and SP also pasted arrest warrants on the wall of the house of five other persons allegedly involved in the violence.

by Priti on August 27, 2018

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