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Hyderabad: Caretaker Telangana government is betraying the country and insulting the Constitution architect BR Ambedkar by proposing religion-based reservation with 12 percent quota for Muslim minority while stealing the rights of Dalits alleged by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

While attacking Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao PM Modi said that he was surprised that these power hungry people, to save their chair for their family, resorted to such a step.

In an election rally of Hyderabad, The Prime Minister has said that great leaders of the country, while dreaming the Constitution, had decided against religion-based reservation at any cost in the interest of the nation’s unity and integrity and for its bright future. He also Questions the opponents that “ Minority Ko aarakshan dene ka Khel, yeh desh ke saath gaddari hai ki nahi? (Playing the game of promising quota to the minorities, is it not a betrayal to the nation)?. He wondered how the promise will be met at the current Supreme Court order does not permit it.

After that Prime Minister hit back to back questions:-

Modi asked “ Is it not an insult to the Constitution Assembly, is not an insult to BR Ambedkar..?

Another question asked by Modi “ The Supreme Court has put a ceiling (of 50 percent). You can’t go beyond that. Does it mean that you would steal from the rights (quota) of Dalits, STs, and OBC?”

Modi also asked public “ To save your chair, you are conspiring to steal their rights (Dalits. STs and OBC) from the back door? Will you allow that sin to happen….  Should there be religion-based reservation?”

Targeting the Congress Party and TRS PM Modi has said that it is fact the KCR-led party which is the “B” team of the Congress.

Modi also Observing the Karnataka Assembly Polls that  “ Naamdar (Gandhi) had described the JDS as ‘B’ team of the BJP but after the results were announced, they joined hands and formed the government.”

Alleging that the Congress was already engaged in “backdoor talks to somehow stop the BJP (from coming to power in Telangana).” PM Modi also added that four of the five parties in contention in the Telangana elections– the TRS, Congress, TDP, and AIMIM- perpetuate dynastic and family rule.

He said many people have sacrificed their lives during struggling for the creation of a separate state of Telangana.

Narendra Modi Recalling the moment when Mr. Rao was in the Youth Congress and also had his first apprenticeship in the TDP, noting that he was once with that party. He said that Mr. Rao was also a minister in the UPA-I. TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi were his gurus”

PM Modi further claimed that the two parties have come together only for the sake of power. The TDP has also become a dynastic and family-ruled party. The Congress and the TRS are two sides of the same coin”

“About 30,000 crores worth of centrally-funded projects and 8,000 crores worth railway projects are currently being implemented in the state,”  said Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“ KCR says he does not want Ayushman Bharat scheme. If there is a government creating such hurdles, how can there be your people’s welfare? Over 1.25 crore families have been handed over keys of their house so far during the NDA regime”

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