PM Modi with 80-minutes address, back to Independence Day Speeches

PM Modi with 80-minutes address, back to Independence Day Speeches

Last year on the account of Independence Day celebration, PM Modi delivered the shortest speech. However, he resumed his trend and this year spoke over 80 minutes, the long speech for Independent Day by addressing the Country from the Red Fort.

PM Modi last year spoke for 57-minutes, his shortest speech ever in the five years. In 2016, Narendra Modi delivered a speech of 96minutes for Independence Day. It was the longest speech ever, delivered in the Independence Day by Prime Minister of India.

In 1947, India’s 1st PM Jawaharlal Nehru delivered a speech for 42 minutes, which was till 2015, the longest speech ever spoken from the Red Fort on 15th August.

Before, last year’s Independence Day in the radio addressed “Mann Ki Baat”, PM Modi disclosed that he has received letters of complaint about the speech he delivered in Independence Day were “a little too long,” and he promised to deliver the shorter speeches.

In 2015, he spoke for 86minutes and in 2014 for 65minutes.

Former PM Manmohan Singh used to deliver speeches for 10minutes over his long tenure, which stuck in the Independence Day with 50minutes speech. However, in 2005 and 2006 only, former PM Singh delivered 50minutes speeches and during the remaining years (8), his spoke for maximum 32 to 45minutes.

PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee, BJP’s first Prime Minister used to deliver a speech in Independence Day for 30-35-minutes. On 15th August 2002, Mr. Vajpayee spoke for 25minutes, while in 2003 he delivered a speech for 30-minutes and addressed the historic 17th Century Mughal Monuments.

by Banani Sarkar on August 15, 2018

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