On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanked Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner to ensure proper arrangements during the “Howdy Modi” event though the city had witnessed a lot of rain before it. 

PM Modi arrived at New Delhi airport, to attend events regarding the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. He addressed a gathering there and said that the “Howdy Modi” event was attended by the Republicans and Democrats. During the event, the US President Donald Trump spent time and walked with him around the stadium.

“It was a commendable piece of work by the Houston Administration and I would like to thank the Houston Mayor for ensuring everything was right amid bad weather. There was a lot of rain before the event, but they pulled off a great job,” PM Modi said.

The Indian American community in the US arranged the “Howdy Modi” event. The Prime Minister said every event started with the discussion on “Howdy Modi” and every world leader knew about it. PM Modi later had a series of bilateral meetings with foreign leaders and addressed the UN General Assembly. 

“Both Republicans and diplomats were present. President Trump who is the leader of such a big country, himself coming to the Indian event and staying for so long was a proud and happy moment for all of us. I thank President Donald Trump for giving time, he didn’t even care for his security and without hesitation walked hand-in-hand with me at the event to greet people,” PM Modi said.

“The might of India is increasing in the whole world, we must concentrate on it,” he added. Singers from 150 countries have sung Mahatma Gandhi’s favorite bhajan “Vaishnav Jan”, said the prime minister of India.  

“Singers from 150 countries have prepared the bhajan ”Vaishnav Jan” and you would be surprised to know that they sang it very well and also knew its meaning. Gandhiji is relevant today, tomorrow and for the generations to come,” said PM Modi. He said that Gandhiji’s life provides a solution for all problems including those related to environment and health. 

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