PM Modi said, “Grand Alliance is a failed idea”

PM Modi said, “Grand Alliance is a failed idea”

Yesterday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has termed the plan to opposition parties, to for a grand alliance ‘Mahagathbandhan’ as a ‘failed idea’. He further claims that opposition demands for a weaker government at the center.

While addressing to the BJP workers from five Lok Sabha constituencies through video conference on NaMo app, PM Modi said that “The parties’ first fight with each other. But whenever they get a chance, they come together to grab power.”

The party workers were from Madhya Pradesh’s Damoh, Uttar Pradesh’s Agra, Chhattisgarh’s Raipur, Karnataka’s Mysuru and Rajasthan’s Karauli.

PM Modi alleged that “Same thing happened in Karnataka. Before elections, they misled the people by attacking each other. And when it was time to form a government, they did not waste any time to come together.”

He also told BJP party workers that “A few days ago, you must have heard an opposition leader saying that they don’t want a strong government. You can understand why they want a weak government.”

“When there is a strong government at the center, the whole country is benefited. In case of a weaker centre, only the leaders of an alliance get benefited,” added the Prime Minister.

He also accused the previous ruled UPA government of not respecting tradition and culture of India, and added, “India’s cultural heritage inspires people across the globe to lead their life normally even while facing many challenges.”

PM Modi further said that “But it was unfortunate that those sitting in government earlier instead of feeling proud of our rich culture felt ashamed.”

He said that even after decades of India’s Independence, it was considered as the country of snake charmers.

“And what was most shocking that those who ruled the country for decades encouraged such things,” added PM Modi.

by Chandrani Sarkar on October 11, 2018

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