On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has blasted the Congress manifesto for the April-May National Elections, termed it as “dishonest” and ‘full of lies’ as its leadership. While campaigning in Arunachal Pradesh, PM Modi claims that “it is not a ghoshnapatra (manifesto) but a dhakosla-Patra (hypocritical document).”

A day before the grand old party has released its manifesto, with Rahul Gandhi highlighting its focus on five big social and economic ideas, which also include NYAY scheme that promises Rs. 72000 a year to poor families in India.

Congress manifesto talks about decriminalizing laws like those on defamation and sedition.

While addressing a rally in Pasighat, PM Modi said that “what has happened to these people,” repeatedly referred to Gandhi’s- without naming them as “Namdars”.

The Prime Minister continued, “On the one hand this chowkidar is standing here trying to protect the country and on the other hand this power-hungry Congress has stooped so low. Is Congress’s hand with the citizens or with anti-nationals.”

He further accused previous UPA Government of ignoring the northeast states and overlooking the region in their plans.

PM Modi said that in 2019 National Election, the election is “between truth and lies, between those who deliver and those who make false promises, between those you can trust and those who are corrupt.”

Arunachal Pradesh is among the states, which will vote in the first phase of National Election on April 11. Polls to state’s 56 assembly seats and 2 parliamentary constituencies will take place simultaneously. Three BJP candidates were unopposed elected to 60-member House after the final date of withdrawal of candidature on March 28.

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