On Wednesday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi slammed the Opposition over the lack of productivity in Rajya Sabha and said that it is a matter of concern.
While addressing the “National Youth Parliament Festival”, he told youngsters to raise questions to the members of Rajya Sabha’s lack of productivity and said that it is a matter of concern.
Discussing the productivity of the 16th Lok Sabha PM Modi said the government had a big majority of 85 percent (20 percent more than previous Lok Sabha) and it passed 205 bills as he credited the development to the full majority voters gave to the BJP in the 2014 general elections.
In the last session where the interim budget was passed the productivity of the Rajya Sabha was only 8 percent. PM Modi has expressed his concern over it. In the Upper House of Parliament, the opposition parties have tried several times to block the activities of his government’s legislative. PM Modi asked the youngsters to organize events upon returning home and invite Rajya Sabha members from their states.
The prime minister advised the participants to visit the National War Memorial of India, India Gate complex and the National Police Memorial in central Delhi. “Visiting these two locations will fill you with inspiration and enthusiasm to contribute towards nation-building,” he told the participants.
He seeks suggestion from the students how the event could have been better and if there is any other topic that could have been included to make it more innovative and creative. He suggested an online mechanism to get those suggestions.
He encouraged the youths saying that they are full of new ideas, ambition, energy and ready for new challenges. PM Modi said, “A scheme can be considered successful only when the last-mile delivery of benefits is made possible.” During his speech, he also mentioned empowering the poor.

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