Today, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanked the people of the Bodo region, days after the Modi government signed a peace deal with Bodo insurgents. Addressing a mega rally in Assam’s Kokrajhar, PM Modi said, “All of India is thanking you (Bodo tribes) and celebrating with you. It is because you all agreed to live in peace and contribute towards a stronger India.”

PM Modi’s Assam visit has been cancelled for a few time due to the protests against the government’s Citizenship Amendment Act. Kokrajhar is a Bodo-dominated town. Assam was the centre of the protests, and three people were killed in the state.

The PM highlighted mostly on the Peace accord. Modi promised his government would not let the “darkness of terrorism return to Assam.”

“Never again will a brother, sister, mother or father ever lose a member of their family. Mothers whose children have returned from the wilderness are blessing me today. So many families have reconciled,” he said.

“There were gunfights for decades. The arrival of peace in Assam is a historic moment. It is a great coincidence that it has happened when the entire country is celebrating the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi,” the Prime Minister said.

On January 27, an accord was signed to end the three-decade-old armed conflict in the region. As per the deal, the Bodoland Territorial Region will get a special financial package of Rs 1,500 crore, and the registered cases against many insurgents will be reviewed. 

Bodo people living in the hill districts of Assam will be provided by the state government Rs 250 crore for 3 years to develop the area. The fund will be used for various development purpose in the region.

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