P. Chidambaram, the senior Congress leader on Friday acknowledged Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision overpopulation explosion, eliminating single-use plastic and respecting wealth creators.

He said in a series of tweets, “All of us must welcome three announcements made by the Prime Minister on I-Day. Small family is a patriotic duty, respect wealth creators and shun single-use plastic.” 

“Of the three exhortations, I hope the Finance Minister and her legion of tax officials and investigators heard the Prime Minister’s second exhortation loud and clear,” P Chidambaram added.

The former Finance Minister referred to the population and elimination of single-use plastics and said, “The first and third exhortations must become people’s movements. There are hundreds of dedicated voluntary organizations that are willing to lead the movements at local levels.”

Prime Minister Narendra gave a long speech during his Independence Day speech from the ramparts of the Red Fort. PM Modi expressed his concern regarding the population explosion saying it may cause many problems for our future generations. 

“But there is a vigilant section of the public which stops to think, before bringing a child to the world, whether they can do justice to the child, give them all that she or he wants. They have a small family and express their patriotism to the country. Let’s learn from them. There is need of social awareness,” PM Modi said in his speech.

He also talked about the wealth creators that it was a great national service. PM Modi stated that single-use plastic poses a grave threat to the environment. A significant step must come out by October 2.

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