P Chidambaram mocks at PM Modi over his remark on Congress’ loan waivers - TNBCLive

On Thursday, a senior Congress leader P Chidambaram took a dig at the Prime Minister of India over his remarks that Congress’ loan waivers were only to influence voters. He further asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi whether the PM’s “farmers’ relief plan” was intended to lose elections or not.

The former Union Minister claims that the plan of BJP would imitate the previous Madhya Pradesh government’s scheme of paying farmers the distinction between the MSP (Minimum Support Price) and market price, claims that the earlier plan had brought no relief to the needy farmers.

Mr. Chidambaram tweets, “The Prime Minister says that Congress governments’ loan waivers are only to win elections. So, shall we assume that PM’s “Farmers’ Relief Plan” is intended to lose elections?”

“The ‘pay the difference’ plan will help only the farmer who has a marketable surplus. What about the farmer who has no marketable surplus? He is also in debt,” added Mr. Chidambaram.

He continued that eight months revenue collection was less than 50 percent of target and the fiscal deficit was 115 percent of the estimated.

P Chidambaram further asked, “Where is the money for the new plan.”

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