Over “Salary Issue”, Uttarakhand Temple’s Priest Covered Donation Boxes - TNBCLive

In Uttarakhand, the priests of Yamunotri Temple have covered the donation boxes with clothes to seek benefit from the funds donated in the temple. They reported that they do not receive any salary from the donations made in the boxes, which forced them to take such an effective step.

A priest was quoted saying, “If we were receiving the salary or a percentage out of it (donation), then we would have kept the donation boxes open. Since we don’t receive even one per cent out of this, we have put a cloth on donation boxes.”

Sub-Divisional Magistrate reports that high-security have been posted in the temple, after they were informed about covering of donation boxes.

Administrative Officer Anurag Arya said that “we have deployed adequate security personnel including police officials and home guards in the temple. I have received a few photographs and video in which it can be seen that these people have kept clothes on donation boxes. I am registering an FIR against them and immediate action will be taken.”

More details are awaited.

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