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On Monday, Congress has asked 11 questions to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Rafale fighter jets deal, seeks for clarification or answers from him.

These 11 questions have been posted to PM Modi by Congress national spokesman Randeep Singh Surjewala via his Twitter post.

Mr. Surejwala’s first question is related to the report of the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG). He has asked that “the Supreme Court decision in Rafale is based on CAG report, but CAG had not given any report, neither it was placed in Parliament nor in Public Accounts Committee (PAC). Why such a big fraud with the Supreme Court.”

Mr. Surjewala in his second question has asked, refers to the agreement signed between Dassault Aviation and Reliance said, “The top court’s decision is based on the fact that Reliance had an agreement with Dassault since 2012. However, Reliance Defence Limited was formed on March 28, 2015.”

Their third question was accused that the decision of the Apex Court is based on the fact that ex-French President Francois Hollande has stated that PM Modi-led BJP government had favored Reliance. “While Hollande reiterated his statement, President Emmanuel Macron also had said that he cannot refute his statement,” added Mr. Surjewala.

He also claimed that the BJP government had submitted in the Supreme Court that HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited) has nothing to do with Rafale fighter jet deal. However, he said that Dassault and HAL had entered into an agreement in March 2014, which was certified by both Foreign Secretary and Dassault CEO.

Mr. Surjewala’s fifth question alleged objections that was raised by the Law Ministry, which the centre “hid” from the court, while his sixth allegation is that the DAC (Defence Acquisition Council) has given its nod for procuring jets after the government has decided to purchase 36 fighter jets, which he claims is the breach of procedure.

Over Rafale fighter jets deal, Congress asks 11 questions to PM Modi | tnbclive.in

In the ninth question, Congress leader said that the decision of the Central government to purchase 36 fighter jets instead of 126 is a big compromise with the security of the nation and Central government has not given such reasons for the same in the top court.

Mr. Surjewala said that “the government said that buying 36 Rafale jets is a profitable concern, while the Congress government was buying each Rafale for Rs. 526 crore, Modi government brought it for Rs. 1,670 crore each and thus cheated Rs. 41, 205 crores of the public money.”

On Friday, the top court has dismissed petitions seeking a probe into the Rafale fighter jet deal, says that it does not find any substantial material on record to show that it is a case of commercial favoritism to any party by the Indian Government.

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