On Sunday, Congress hits back at Union Minister Arun Jaitley on his “dynastic character” attack and claims that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP cannot use such “non issues” to hide the “real issues”.

In a statement, party’s chief spokesman Randeep Surjewala charged BJP of being a “hypocrite”. He accused that the “dynasty diversion” by the Prime Minister and Arun Jaitley objected at drawing away the attention of the public from issues of rural distress, job crisis, and economic failure.

Referred Mr. Jaitley as a “Blog Minister”, Mr. Surjewala said that his “incessant rants” are mainly used by PM Modi and BJP government to hide their failures, like- rural distress, unemployment, discrimination of weaker sections, and economy mismanagement as well.

“PM Modi and Shri Arun Jaitley cannot hide behind daily blogs on non-issues in order to hide the real issues,” added the Congress spokesman.

Mr. Surjewala continued that “the latest outburst of Shri Arun Jaitley against the Congress party is an orchestrated PR gimmick and a cheap cover-up exercise for the colossal failures of the past five years.”

Earlier on Sunday, Arun Jaitley took a jibe at Congress’ leadership in a blog post, which he titled as “Is the Congress Party Now Paying the Cost for its Dynastic Character?”

“Dynastic Parties” succeed on the strength of few generations of dynasty but sink with others, said Mr. Jaitley in his post, which came weeks ahead of April-May Lok Sabha Elections, starting from April 11.

Mr. Jaitley tweeted: “The Congress party has been out of power for five years. Its leaders and workers are accustomed to existing with the frills of office. They are staring at another defeat, and the seeming reason for this is the dynastic character of Congress party.”

Mr. Surjewala replied that Congress with 133-year-old rich history doesn’t need any approval certificate from the likes of Mr. Jaitley and PM Modi on its contribution for building of the nation, adding that “… those who destroyed 4.7 crore jobs in the last five years are preaching instead of introspecting.”

Highlighting “a small mirror of truth” to BJP, the Congress chief spokesperson cited instances of “dynasts” within BJP. He also named a number of such type of leaders, whose elders or fathers holds a key position in BJP.

“Family background is not the guarantee for political success. It is the people who have the power to accept and reject in the political arena,” added Mr. Surjewala.

He also said that “it is the people of India who have elected the Congress party time and again and shall vote the Congress party again to power in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections.”

The party spokesman said, “Five state elections which the BJP lost were just a trailer, people of India shall show them the film on 23rd May 2019.”

Randeep Surjewala claims that India doesn’t need a lecture “from forces who sided with the British against the Indian people in the struggle for freedom during the national movement.”

India doesn’t need a lecture from people whose “ideological forefathers” were guilty of assassinating Mahatma Gandhi, said Mr. Surjewala.

Congress is proud to get elected by the people of India to reshape the destiny of the country for over five decades, further claims the party spokesman.

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