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Kota: The first indigenously built Train is all set to go for the trial. Train 18 speeding up to 180 km ph between Kota Junction and Kurla station for the trial. A senior Railways officer has revealed that “ Christmas Day also happens to be the birthday of Late Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and it would be a tribute to the great statesman of the country if we manage to launch the next- generation train on that day.”

The fare structure of the Train 18 will be higher than the normal fare, since the input cost of the Rs 100-crore. However, the official has mentioned that the decision on the launch date of Train 18 and fare to be taken as the trial is not yet complete.

The Tentative plan has explained that Train 18 will start from New Delhi station at 6 am, and is expected to reach Varanasi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi parliamentary constituency, at 2 pm.

The train at 2:30 pm for the return journey, from Varanasi and reach the national capital at 10:30 pm.

The Train 18 experience shared by the senior officials during the various trials- including a speed run on a straight track, speed test on one degree curve at 150 km ph, and two degree curve at 140 and 150 km ph- on a 113 km stretch from Kota to Kurlasi from the national transporter’s Research and Standards Organisation.

In the Train, Ladoos were distributed when it clocked 180 km ph. The first sweets were offered to loco pilot Padam Singh Gurjar and his assistant Onkar Yadav.

Padam Singh Gurjar has said “ We are quite excited to be part of this great occasion”

Mr. Yadav says “ I feel proud to be part of this historic trial”

Tarin 18 is the first train to touch high speeds on the Indian rail network. It was a smooth ride for those inside-occupying rotating seats to match the direction of the train.

After negotiating several rivers, bridges, and curves the train started its trial run at 9:30 am, from Kota and returned to the junction at 6 pm.

After the trail then the train has to undergo what is called a long confirmatory run and also test its emergency braking distance before it gets a clearance from the Commissioner, Railway Safety (CRS) for commercial operations to commence.

The official said that “ We are expecting the trials to be over in a week and after that, we will seek CRS clearance”

However, during the trial the speed touched 180 Kmph, the Train-18 will only be allowed to run at a maximum speed of 160 km ph in its commercial operations.

Last week, after the successful completion of 115 km ph test run on the Bareilly- Moradabad section, the indigenously developed at Chennai’s Integral Coach Factory – is required to undergo the 180 km ph trial run in Rajasthan Kota till December 4.

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