Stating that high speed is the major reasons behind frequent road accident, an NGO has requested the government to not consider the pressure created by automobiles lobbies into the matter of increasing the vehicles speed limits.

The safe community foundation Raahat’s Chairperson Kamal Soi plea the government to not remove the speed limit from the vehicle as he expressed such an intuitive will lead to a terrible increase in the road accident rates.

India does not possess homogenous traffic, Mr. Soi, who is an active member of the National Road Safety Council said that an increase in vehicle’s speed limit would rather disrupt the traffic movement. Because the vehicle number in the nation is excessive.

Chairman Soi said that “Developed countries have homogenous traffic due to which they can afford to increase speed limit but even they are adding speed governors to their vehicles. We need to learn from them.”

The former Vice-Chairman of Punjab State Road Safety Council stated that “I request Union Minister Nitin Gadkari to not get influenced by automobile lobbies as speed is the biggest killer in road accidents.”

Replying to the recent report of the Union government plans, he revokes the necessities of speed governors from commercial to public vehicles, which was directly the last year by the government.

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