Narendra Modi’s Policies Lead To BJP Victory, Claims Suresh Prabhu - TNBCLive

With BJP likely to retain power with a clear majority, Union Minister Suresh Prabhu claims that people’s verdict was conclusion of policies that were adopted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

While speaking to source, Mr. Prabhu has also praised BJP Chief Amit Shah for increasing BJP’s base across India.

He continued, “It is people’s verdict. They have brought Modi ji back for their better future,” adding that “Be it West Bengal, Odisha… there is no state in the country where the BJP has not won. The BJP’s power has increased.”

Mr. Prabhu further claims that the battle was between PM Modi and opposition parties, but the Prime Minister has secured the support of countrymen.

“Modi ji brought new policies and implemented them with dedication. Today’s results reflect that. Also Amit Shah Ji’s efforts to turn the party into a public movement has helped it,” Mr. Prabhu said, “With this victory, our responsibility to do good work has increased.”

He also took a dig at opposition parties tone over the manipulation of EVMs.

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