More than 250 cows died in the past 3-days due to heavy rain in Odisha - TNBCLive

On Thursday, more than 57 cattle were found dead at a village in Ganjam district of Odisha, with experts suspecting that animals were exposed to heavy rain triggered by Cyclone Phethai and got affected by pneumonia.

After being informed by local people about the death of the cattle that included 53 calves, veterinary officials visited Landajuli village for investigation.

Assistant District Veterinary Officer Rabindra Nath Panda said that “we suspect that the animals died of pneumonia as they were exposed to heavy rain and chilly weather during the cyclone.”

Mr. Panda was leading a four-member team of veterinary officers, which include a clinical investigator, to the village to determine the cause of mass cows death.

Samples were collected from the bodies for a clinical examination to determine the exact reason for their death, added ADVO.

After conducting a post-mortem, the dead bodies of the dead cattle were buried.

The cows were exposed to heavy rain as they were not kept under shelter, as a result, they have caught pneumonia, reports a veterinary official.

Besides, more than 259 cattle, including 223 calves have already died in distinct places of Ganjam district since the past 3-days after the district has experienced unseasonable rainfall due to Cyclone Phethai, which affected several regions of Andhra Pradesh as well.

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