Manmohan Singh claims, “not just PM, I was accidental Finance Minister” - TNBCLive

On Tuesday, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh claims that he was not only an “accidental Prime Minister” of India but also “accidental Finance Minister”.

After the launch of book Changing India in Delhi, Mr. Singh said that “I have been termed as an accidental prime minister of the country, but I think that I was also an accidental finance minister.

He went on to add that while he was criticized for being always “silent” as Prime Minister, he never shied away from directly answering to press questions.

Mr. Singh continued, “People say I was a silent prime minister, but I think these volumes (his book Changing India) speak for themselves. I was not the prime minister who was afraid of talking to the press. I met the press regularly. In every foreign tour, I had press conferences on the plane or after landing.”

He further said that when he was Finance Minister of India in 1991, he was successful in providing aid to turn a crisis into a “great opportunity”.

Mr. Singh noted that “Life has been a great adventure and an enterprise, which I relish. I have no regrets. I will never be able to return what my country gave me. Some part of life has been smooth sailing and there were some hiccups.”

He had been critical of the BJP-led central government over the demonetization and GST, said that irrespective of all the hurdle, one day India will surely rise to be a superpower.

“This country is destined to be a major power. The thrust of India’s economic policy has not changed for the last 25 years,” added the ex-Prime Minister.

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