"Kem Chho, Trump," Grand Welcome Planned for President Trump in Ahmedabad - TNBCLive

Amid the arrangements of Donald Trump’s visit to India later this month, the officials have decided the name of the grant event. Mr Trump will arrive on February 24 for a two-day India visit along with his First Lady Melania Trump. He will be participating in a huge joint public meeting with PM Modi at a giant stadium.

The visit comes five months after Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the event “Howdy, Modi!” in Houston, Texas. The event will be called “Kem Chho, Trump.” The word “Kem Chho” is a Gujarati word which is similar to “Howdy.”

Near about one lakh people are expected to attend the event which will be held at Ahmedabad’s newly- constructed Sardar Patel Stadium. It is the biggest cricket stadium in the world, and Mr Trump will be inaugurating it. Sardar Patel Stadium holds a seating capacity of 1.10 lakh, which is more than Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia.

“He (PM Modi) said we will have millions and millions of people. My only problem is that last night we probably had 40 or 50,000 people… I’m not going to feel so good… There will be five to seven million people just from the airport to the new stadium (in Ahmedabad),” Trump jokes.

Last year PM Modi received a grand welcome at Houston’s NRG Stadium in September, where over 50,000 Indian-Americans welcomed him. PM Modi tweeted this morning, “India will accord a memorable welcome to our esteemed guests. This visit is a very special one, and it will go a long way in further cementing India-USA friendship.”

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