Jammu: Recently, a Jammu man was allegedly tortured by the relatives and family member of the women with whom he had the man had eloped. According to the Senior Superintendent of Police, Kathua, Shridhar Patil “ They have taken cognizance of the videos and set up special teams to trace and bring the culprits to book.

Mr. Patil also added “ We have taken cognizance of the videos and set up three to recover the man and arrest those torturing him. The teams have fanned out and are searching in and outside the state.” He continues “ the girl’s family had earlier lodged a complaint accusing the man of kidnapping her and “we made the recovery of the girl and handed her to her parents”.

As per the report, Kathua District Manyari village, reportedly went missing with the woman, identified as Jeelo, three days after their wedding was solemnized at the Jammu and Kashmir High Court.  

There are two of 33 seconds and 36 seconds videos that police has been verified in which showed the man was brutally tortured in an open area as he pleased for mercy while tied up with ropes. In one of the videos, Police said that he was being beaten up and his legs were held from hanging log.

An officer revealed the man side statement, “ A fresh complaint was registered on a previous complaint that Ali was kidnapped by the girl’s family members and was being held, hostage.”

Advocate Shakeel Ahmad said “ The justice will take place on a serious note of  the situation, emerging over the kidnapping of the couple after their attendance before the court on August 14 where Jeelo had said in a statement that she had married Ali for her free will”

Justice Dhiraj Singh of the high court ensures that both Ali and his wife were protected against the harm and that her statement was recorded under section 164-A of the CrPC.

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