On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the Government of Kashmir decision would bring about a number of positive changes in the lives of the residents. It would directly means that the protection of the country’s laws, industrialization, tourism and more opportunities of employment, said the Prime Minister during a press release to the national day after Modi Government has announced to end “special status” of Jammu and Kashmir, and divisions of the state into two separate Union Territories. PM Modi has further underscored Home Minister Amit Shah’s promise that it would remain a Union Territory for long.

Article 370 of the Constitution has granted the people of “nepotism, terrorism and separatism and nothing else, he said, pointing out that over the last three decades, more than 42,000 innocents have been killed” in Jammu and Kashmir.

Indian Laws, which is protecting the rights of a billion people, which will now be available by the people of the state as well. PM Modi claims that it is a “new ear” for the citizens of the state and also the nation when all citizens of the country will have equal rights and responsibilities.

Referring to instances of how life transforms for the common man, the Prime Minister of India said that children would also have the rights to get an education, women’s right would be protected, and the stringent laws, which protect the Dalits across India, would also be applicable in this regions.

Other significant laws like the Minority Act, which protects the interests of Minorities, and the Minimum Wages Act that protect the workers, who were not available in the state, has come into force, added PM Modi.

Since August 4, Jammu and Kashmir have been restricted by an extraordinary lockdown to avoid any backlash over the “big move” of Modi Government.

As a part of the total communication blackout – internet connections and phone services remain suspended in all over the state. Top officials are also using satellite phones to communicate with others.

The Prime Minister has formally addressed the country a number of times in his first regime. He also gave an address on February 15, a day after the deadly terror attack in J&K’s Pulwama District. On November 8, 2016, PM Modi has appeared on national television, declared his led government move to eliminate Rs. 1000 and Rs. 500 notes.   

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