Abhinandan Varthaman, the Indian Air Force pilot who was captured by Pakistan on Wednesday will be released tomorrow as a “gesture of peace” said, Imran Khan today. His remarks came hours after the US called for immediate steps towards de-escalation and President Donald Trump revealed that there would be “reasonably attractive news” from Pakistan and India.
India and Pakistan had an aerial fight of jet planes which made worried several world leaders urging the two countries not to have a further fight. Meanwhile, Mr. Khan said, “Yesterday, I tried to call (Prime Minister) Narendra Modi to say that we don’t want escalation. But our desire for de-escalation should not be taken as our weakness.”
“We have an Indian pilot. As a peace gesture, we will release him tomorrow,” said the Pakistan Prime Minister.
Imran Khan yesterday gave a call to India for conversation which was rejected by India.
Today, top officials said that there would be “no deal” on the Wing Commander Abhinandan Vardaman’s release and India would not ask for consular access either.
Pakistan had already released a video of the Indian Pilot in which he is seen injured and bloodied but soon the video was removed from the official twitter account. India has summoned Pakistan to “immediate and safe return” of the pilot and strongly opposed Pakistan’s “vulgar display” of the pilot in videos and said it “would be well advised to ensure that no harm comes to him”.
Today morning the US President had said, “I think reasonably attractive news from Pakistan and India, they have been going at it and we have been involved and have them stop, we have some reasonably decent news, hopefully, it’s going to be coming to an end, this has been going on for a long time, decades and decades.”
The US called on India and Pakistan to “cease all cross-border military activity” and to take immediate steps to deescalate the situation and return to stability, including through direct communication.
Several countries have supported India’s move against terror and have forced Pakistan to take effective action against terrorism.

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