India to be declared a Hindu Country, claims Meghalaya High Court Judge - TNBCLive

A sudden controversial rises after a Meghalaya High Court judge have written a judgment that says, India should be declared as a “Hindu Country”. During the country’s Independence, after the partition of the subcontinent was done on the basis of religious beliefs. He said that “Pakistan declared that it was an Islamic country… India should also have been declared a Hindu country…,” said Justice SR Sen on Monday, while he was disposing of the plea of a man, who has been denied certificates by the state government.

Justice Sen’s order reads, “Nobody should try to make India another Islamic country; otherwise it will be a doomsday… I am confident that only this government under Narendra Modi Ji will understand the gravity, and will do the needful as requested above and our Chief Minister Mamata Ji will support the national interest in all respect.”

He continued that India must have a uniform law for all the citizens of its country and anybody found opposing the country’s law and Constitution, “cannot be considered a citizen of the country.”

Justice Sen further said that “However, I am not against my Muslim brothers and sisters, who are residing in India for generations and abiding Indian laws, they should also be allowed to live peacefully.”

In a sharp retort, the Lok Sabha lawmaker from Hyderabad, Asaduddin Owaisi said that “What sort of judgment is this? Will, the judiciary and the government take note of this?” He also alleged that the judge of attempting to spread hatred.

Mr. Owaisi told the source that “India will not become an Islamic country. India will remain a plural and secular country.”

He also urged the Centre to introduce a law allowing citizenship to people, who arrived from neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, without any documents.

In his judgement, Justice Sen said that “I request our beloved Prime Minister, Home Minister, Law Minister and Hon’ble Members of the Parliament to bring a law to allow the Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhist, Parsis, Christians, Khasis, Jaintias and Garos, who have come from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan to live in this country peacefully and with full dignity… and be given citizenship without any question or production of any documents.” He further added that the same stand needs to be adopted for Sikhs and Hindus of Indian origin, who live in abroad.

Judge Sen has also criticized the Boundary Commission, the panel has appointed at the time of Partition to decide on how the subcontinent parts were to divide between Pakistan and India. The commission also said, “Drew an imaginary line.”

His judgment said that “a burning example is that if we visit the border, it is difficult to understand which land falls within India and which is in Bangladesh as somebody’s kitchen is in India and their bedroom is in Bangladesh.”

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