India never considered Pakistan and China its enemy, claims RSS functionary Bhaiyyaji Joshi - TNBCLive

Today, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) functionary Bhaiyyaji Joshi said that both China and Pakistan consider India as their enemy while speaking at an event on national security. The other country that shares a border with India, Bangladesh has resorted to “passive attack” through infiltration, added Mr. Joshi. A huge amount of defence sector expenditure could easily be saved if these neighboring countries become friends of India, he claims.

Mr. Joshi further said that “the problem increases several folds when our bordering states look at us as an enemy. India has never considered Pakistan as its enemy while Pakistan has always considered India as its enemy.”

Similarly, India has never considered Pakistan and China as its enemy, “but China always behaved with us in such a manner that it appears that it stands in front of us as our enemy,” the source quoted him saying.

Without referring to any particular instance, the RSS functionary said that “we may not have had a war with Bangladesh, but there is a kind of passive attack through infiltration. I am not saying that the Bangladesh government is doing this but it is a fact that the government there doesn’t worry about it at all.”

His remarks come in the backdrop of PM Modi’s foreign policy push, in which Delhi has taken special efforts to take forward the trade and diplomatic ties with Bangladesh and China.

In 2018, PM Modi has visited China twice. During one, the Prime Minister of India had attended a 2-days “Informal Summit” with China President Xi Jinping. India has termed it as a “reset” of the ties after 70-days military standoff at the border in Arunachal Pradesh, which arose tension between the neighbors to its highest in decades.

During the opening of Bangladesh Bhavan in Bengal, PM Modi in May said that “during the past few years, we have seen the golden chapter of the relations between India and Bangladesh.”

Referring to the Land Boundary Agreement and resolution of the sea border dispute, PM Modi said, “Complex bilateral issues, which seemed impossible even some time back, have been solved now.”

Tension with Pakistan has continued in India, which is fueled by several terror attacks in the country and cross-border firing from the neighborhood. At the time of addressing the United Nations General Assembly in September, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has said that “Pakistan glorifies killers, refuses to see the blood of innocents, and then throws the dust of deceit on India to cover its own guilt.”

BJP’s ideological mentor, RSS has always maintained the nation’s security, which is currently under threats due to unfriendly neighbors. Earlier, RSS Chief  Mohan Bhagwat had said that this was affecting the nation’s growth.

Mr. Joshi also claims that “in the budget, we have to spend a huge amount on our Army. If these countries become our friend then that amount could have been saved and invested in development.”

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