Attorney General of India, KK Venugopal claimed in Supreme Court a lawbreaking case may be filed against ‘ The Hindu’ newspaper according to the regulation of Official Secrets Act of India as this renowned daily published the disputed “stolen” government documents about a martial weapon deal for buying 36 Rafale jets from France.

Mr. Venugopal professed contention about the illegal publication and told the sensitive documents published by The Hindu should not be cross-examined by the court, as the court is pondering the requests of petitioners for reviewing about the proceeding of the deal as it was reported that the documents were stolen.

He added the government was pondering to prosecute ‘The Hindu’  under the regulation act like this time the protection is required to safeguard the government secrets.

The Chairman of The Hindu Publishing group, as well as the author of the string of articles which referred to the sensitive documents,   N. Ram explained that those were published in the public interest.

Ram told to Media, “There is nothing to worry about. What we published is legitimate and we stand by it ”.

India has signed a deal to purchase the planes expensing $8.7 billion from Dassault Aviation of France as the significant part of a martial modernization program of the air force which is more progressive over their Soviet-era planes.

But the deal has been targeted by the allegations from Congress claiming that the NDA government paid an extreme amount and that it pushed Dassault to contract with Reliance Defence of Anil Ambani even though the company had not any kind of previous experience in defense contracting issues.

In response for comment, a representative of Dassault cited the comments made by Dassault CEO Eric Trappier in the past on selection of a partner, as well as pricing. Dassault CEO previously defended pricing and commented there was no scandal and emphasized on the statement which claims it was not forced for making choice Reliance as defense contracting partner.

Indian Attorney General Mr. Venugopal told Supreme Court should take the move as restraint and stay away from politics. He also added that a defense deal should not be associated with a public interest petition like a dam or road.

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