Increase in salaries for Military services of 1 lakh personnel was denied, army upset - TNBCLive

The Central government has denied a long-standing demand of the armed forces for higher Military Service Pay (MSP) for more than 1 lakh personnel, the post including Junior Commissioned Officers (JCO’s), said a military source.

They report that the Army is anguished over the decision taken by the Finance Ministry of India and will seek for its review.

More than 1 lakh army personnel including 25434 personnel from Indian Air Force and Navy and 87646 JCOs will be affected by the decision taken by the government, which is not to increase their pay scale. MSP was introduced as a remembrance of the difficult circumstances of their jobs.

“The proposal for higher MSP for JCOs and equivalent rank of the Navy and IAF has been rejected by the Finance Ministry,” reports a military source.

Presently, the MSP has been categorized into two divisions- one for JCOs and Jawans and another for officers.

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