On Monday, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has rejected the opposition’s arguments that elections shouldn’t be fought on the issues of national security, claims terrorism and national security are the most significant issues in the long-run while all other challenges are controllable. He also claims that the ‘biggest challenge’ before the nation is the issue of Jammu and Kashmir and terror as its concerned nation’s sovereignty.

In a Facebook post, which is titled as “Why Jammu and Kashmir, and a new approach to terrorism will remain a key political issue”, Mr. Jaitley wrote: “India’s opposition argues that elections have to be fought on the ”real issues” and not on the issues of national security. It is my endeavor to argue that national security and terrorism are the most important issues which concern India in the long run. All other challenges are capable of early resolution.”

The opposition had alleged PM Modi of politicizing death of more than 40 CRPF jawans in J&K’s Pulwama and IAF’s retaliatory attacks in Pakistan’s Balakot for electoral gains.

Several ex-Military veterans and Service Chiefs have written to President Ram Nath Kovind has expressed their concern over political leaders taking credit of military operations to follow political agenda.

Gave reasons for making terrorism and national security as a subject matter of electoral debate, the Finance Minister said that “it relates to the country’s sovereignty, integrity and security.”

“Terror supported from across the border can’t be fought either with velvet gloves or a policy of appeasement,” said Mr. Jaitley, adding the two regional parties (NC and PDP) have played a disheartening role, and the leadership of the opposition parties has hardly a roadmap except to walk on the disaster path.

He continued that this challenge can be solved with a new approach, which is uncompromising on terror and resolved to impose the rule of law with the bond to total integration.

Mr. Jaitley claims that during the course of poll campaign, whenever issues related to the terror attack in J&K’s Pulwama and pre-dawn air strikes in Balakot, India’s opposition is on the back-foot.

“A strong Government and a leader with clarity alone are capable of resolving the Kashmir issue. This will necessarily require reversal of the historical blunders of the past,” added the Finance Minister.

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