On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that he does not belong to a “political family” but he has a very humble background and selling tea on the railway platform was a part of his journey. The PM was replying to a question asked about his government’s schemes of building toilets and other popular programs for citizens of India. 

Prime Minister Modi during the question-answer session at the Future Investment Initiative (FII), “My background is not that of any big political family. I have not learnt about poverty from the books but I have lived it. I have reached here by selling tea on the railway platform.” 

“In a few years, India will be successful in eradicating poverty. My fight against poverty is by empowering poor. Poor need dignity. When a poor person says that he will himself end his poverty, then there is no greater satisfaction. All we need is to provide him with dignity and empower him,” said PM Modi.

According to him, the constructing toilets and opening bank accounts have empowered the people living below the poverty line and have given them a sense of dignity. PM Modi further claimed that when there is a change in India, the figures in the whole world change.

“It gives me immense satisfaction to see that a change in India brings the change in figures for the world. When we make India open-defecation-free (ODF) or eradicate poverty, then the figures of the world change. It gives the satisfaction that we are contributing to improving the world,” PM Modi continued.

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