On Wednesday, Assam Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said that without the passing of citizenship Bill in the Rajya Sabha is a defeat for Assam and said that without it, over 17-seats in the assembly elections will go in the hands of Bangladeshi Muslims.

The senior BJP leaders are also the convenor of North East Democratic Alliance, said that his party is dedicated to the Amendment of the Bill and will fight the forthcoming election with this resolution.

On June 3, the Citizenship Bill is set to get lapse with the Rajya Sabha being adjourned sine die on the Budget session last day, the last parliamentary session ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections.

The Citizenship Bill was passed by the Lok Sabha on January 8.

Mr. Sarma told reporters that “I think not passing the Bill in Rajya Sabha is a defeat for Assam. Without the Bill, 17 (assembly) constituencies will go to Bangladeshi Muslims.”

He continued that “who will save the (Assamese) community?.”

The NDA government also does not have the majority in the Upper House so it is not allowed to introduce the document. But likely to bring in the legislation once the BJP-led alliance secures the majority of seats added Mr. Sarma.

The Assam Finance Minister further said that “my party supports the Bill. BJP is committed and will be committed to it forever. BJP will fight (the elections) with this commitment.”


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