Haryana lawmaker takes rebellious move against BJP, expelled him - TNBCLive

On Sunday, BJP’s opposition lawmaker from Kurukshetra Raj Kumar Saini had dared the party to expel him.

Mr. Saini had floated his own political outfit for four months, hits out at BJP saying that it had accused betrayed the people, who had voted for the party.

Mr. Saini told the source that “I have had nothing to do with the party for the past three years.”

“A few months after I entered the Lok Sabha after defeating the then sitting MP Naveen Jindal (from Kurukshetra), I had informed the BJP that I was no longer its member as the party had betrayed the interests of the people, who had reposed faith in me,” added BJP’s rebel lawmaker.

He continued that now its for BJP to take a call on his membership.

Mr. Saini hits out at mainstream political parties, alleged them of using the backward classes, the farmers and poor as “vote banks”, but “dumped” them after coming to power.

He further said that the backward classes had voted for BJP in the State Assembly and Lok Sabha Elections but the party had failed to address their grievances.

In September, Raj Kumar Saini had floated the Loktantra Suraksha Party, reiterated that there was no improvement in the condition of the poor, backward classes and the farmers in the country irrespective of distinct parties promise to work for their welfare.

Mr. Saini alleged that the only aim of these parties was to seek power.

Mr. Saini’s party is going to contest in the next term’s parliamentary and assembly elections, said that “The (big) parties resort to unethical alliances to grab power, however, our party will work for systematic changes to improve the conditions of all sections of society.”

Popular for his strong anti-Jat stand, Raj Kumar Saini said that he was not against the reservation system.

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