Hansraj Ahir claims, Constitution lacks provisions to deal with Anti-Nationals - TNBCLive

Union Minister Hansraj Ahir said that the Constitution does not have any terms to deal with anti-nationals raising slogans against India. He further admitted that some residents of Jammu and Kashmir have been influenced by elements adverse to national interests.

In Rajya Sabha, Mr. Ahir said that Jammu and Kashmir have been affected by secessionist and terrorist violence, which is supported and sponsored from across the border over two and half decades.

In a written question, Mr. Ahir said that “the Constitution of India does not have any provision to deal with anti-nationalists raising slogans against India, stone pelting on Indian Army and paramilitary forces etc. However, such offenders are dealt with as per the provisions of relevant laws applicable in Jammu and Kashmir.”

The Union Minister of State for Home response to a question on whether there are two sorts of people in Jammu and Kashmir- nationalists and anti-nationalists.

He further said that some local residents have been influenced by elements adverse to national indulge and interests in unwanted activities.

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