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Thiruvananthapuram: From Kerala 96-year-old grandmom, who has given a literacy test in the state, and scored 98 out of 100, has one of her wishes fulfilled. The Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has facilitated her, where she expressed her wish to learn how to operate a computer in her free time.

To fulfill grand mom wishes, Education Minister of Kerala Professor C Raveendranath gifted Karthyayani Amma a laptop on Diwali and helped her type her name. While during that process grandmother seems happy.

Previously she said while topping the class 4 equivalent exam that “ I did not study well when I could. I saw small children learning to write, that is when a desire in me was ignored to study. And when the teacher asked if I wanted to study, I said yes. I wish to continue studying, learning computer in my free time. All this may help me to get a job.”

Further, a nonagenarian says she has no medical illness and is full of enthusiasm. Her daughter, who is in her 60’s also cleared the literacy exam recently.

While expressing view Karthyayani Amma wants to finish her class 10 equivalent exam as part of the Kerala State Literacy Mission, which aims at attaining 100 percent literacy.

Around 12,933 candidates cleared the test, taking the state closer to its aim of 100 percent literacy this year. The Literacy programme tests reading, writing and basic mathematical skills.

As per the UNESCO norms, In 1991, Kerala was declared fully literate, which means attaining 90 percent literacy. According to the 2011 Census, even though Kerala is the flag bearer of literacy in the country, around 18 lakh still remained illiterate. Though it helps prompted the state government to launch the Akshara Laksham programme on January 26.

The programme main motto is to eradicate illiteracy among marginalized communities like tribals, poor fishermen and slum-dwellers.

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