Government Building Wall To Hide Slums From US President Trump In Ahmedabad - TNBCLive

The Indian government is making full arrangements before US President Trump’s two-day visit to India on 24th and 25 Feb. Amid the busyness, the central government has decided to construct an L-sized four-foot-wall at the one end of Indira Bridge, in Ahmedabad near city airport to ensure that President Trump couldn’t see the poverty in slums of Sarania Vaas. The decision will prevent a few thousand locals from getting the view of US President Trump. 

The laborers and contractors, who were building the walls, were asked the purpose of construction of the wall. They replied that the government had ordered them to made the wall as the slums may not look good. While being asked further questions, they left the place without giving any new reply.

The Indian press and social media have criticized the wall in Ahmedabad. However, the municipal corporation said on Wednesday said in a statement that the decision to build the wall was well-taken ahead of Trump’s visit. Municipal Commissioner Vijay Nehra wrote on Twitter, “The decision to build a four-feet wall was taken two months ago to prevent encroachments on footpath & road.”

She further tweeted that more than 100,000 people had already registered for the 22-kilometer roadshow by the two leaders that are being called “#theBiggestRoadShowEver.”

President Trump’s convoy will make its way from the airport in the Indian city of Ahmedabad and will be heading towards Ahmedabad’s Motera cricket stadium to share the stage. Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be inaugurating the world’s biggest stadium. Millions of people will be greeting President Trump, and the public reception will be hailed as “Namaste Trump” on Feb. 24.

Trump told reporters on Tuesday that he expects some seven million people at the stadium and lining the streets will be greeting him during his visit. The event comes months after PM Modi’s visit to the US during which 50,000 Indian Americans welcomed him and the event was named “Howdy Modi”. The event was an endorsement of Trump. 

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