On Friday, a Bihar Police Officer Asish Kumar died in a shootout with a gangster in Khagaria district of Bihar. Mr. Kumar died on the spot and another policeman was reportedly been injured.

During the encounter, 32-years old Asish Kumar was leading the team, which fought against the dreaded gangster Dinesh Muni in Salarpur Diara on the River Ganga, the place is located on the outskirt of Khagaria.

After the information that Gangster Muni and his group were hiding in the area, the Police Officer accompanied by four-member team raided at the hideout of the gangsters, nearby about 2 am. Immediately the team of criminals broke out fire after seeing their presence, which followed a fierce shootout. Police Officer Ashish Kumar was shot on the cheat and died on spot, reports the Police force.

Reports said that a criminal belonging of Gangster Muni’s gang also died in the encounter, on the spot.

Later getting informed about the incident, senior Police Officers Pramod Kumar Jha and Meenu Kumari Gogri went to the spot with more Policemen. The interior Salarpur Diara is popularly known as a hiding place for dreaded criminals in Bihar.

The police department has yet not confirmed that whether the gangster has been caught or not.

Last year, Police Officer Kumar had a surviving bullet injury as he was shot during an encounter with local criminals in Salarpur Diara.

Ashish Kumar was considered a brave officer, whose mother suffers from cancer. One of Mr. Kumar’s brothers is with BSF and another is a Civil Engineer. The local source reports that Mr. Kumar had a keen interest in social works.

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