On Friday, Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje has expressed shocks at Bihar Politician Sharad Yadav’s remark on body-shaming her at an election rally and claims that the Election commission must act.

Today, CM Raje told source that “I am shocked. I feel insulted. He has insulted women. I think to set an example, it is very important that the Election Commission takes cognizance,” after casting her vote at a pink voting booth exclusively arranged from women in Rajasthan Assembly Elections.

The Rajasthan CM angrily said that “Is this the sort of example he wants to set for youngsters? Congress and its allies should be restrained in their language.”

In Rajasthan, BJP has complained to the Election Commission after the outrageous comment of Mr. Yadav in Alwar on last Friday.

A former Union Minister Sharad Yadav commented that “Vasundhara Ko aaram do, bahut thak gayi hain”, he made a comment of her overweight.

“Election Panel should act”, says Vasundhara Raje over Sharad Yadav's body-shaming remark | tnbclive.in

Early in the morning today, Mr. Yadav tried to defend himself by saying that it was a ‘joke’ and he had ‘old relations’ with CM Raje. “I said it as a joke. I’ve old relations with her. It wasn’t derogatory in any way. I had no intentions of hurting her. When I met her, I told her then also that you’re gaining weight,” 73-years-old  Sharad Yadav told the source.

Mr. Yadav has quit Bihar’s ruling Janata Dal-United over distinctions with Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar last year, is a repeat offender on such remarks.

Today, Rajasthan is voting for a new 200-members Assembly and Mr. Yadav has campaigned for candidates of his Loktantrik Janata Dal in the state.

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