Karnataka Water Resources Minister DK Shivakumar had booked a room in the Mumbai hotel where rebel Congress and JD(S) legislators from the state are staying but the reservation was canceled because of some emergency, said the hotel today.

In an email, the Renaissance Hotel in Powai, Mumbai said that no charges will be applicable. The e-mail was sent from the assistant reservation manager to a Ms. Hetavi. “As per our conversation we wish to inform you that we have reservation in the name of DK Shivakumar: REZ775665D2. Due to some emergency in the hotel, we need to cancel the reservation. No charges will be applicable,” the e-mail stated.

Shivakumar, the Congress leader along with senior JD(S) legislators were prevented from entering the hotel and were kept outside the hotel. According to Mr. Shivakumar, he was told by the police that no room was booked by his name but he insisted that he had booked a room in his name in the hotel.

On Tuesday midnight, 10 of the 12 MLAs put up in the luxury hotel in Powai wrote to Mumbai Police, saying they feared a threat to their lives and asked that Mr. Shivakumar be prevented from entering the hotel.

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