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This morning, the senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh was dragged and lifted by the police and taken into preventive custody. The dramatic scene occurred outside a five-star hotel in Bengaluru where Mr. Singh sat in protest to meet 22 rebel Madhya Pradesh MLAs, staying there for over a week. 

The 22 rebel MLAs quit Congress last week with former Congress leader Jyotindra Scindia and joined BJP. The move has put in trouble the Congress government of Kamal Nath in Madhya Pradesh. The Congress insists that the MLAs are being held captive in Bengaluru in BJP-ruled Karnataka. However, many of them have regularly been posting videos that they were not forced by anyone and they came willingly.

This morning, the senior Congress leader arrived in Bengaluru and was received by Karnataka Congress chief DK Shivakumar. Mr Singh stated, “We were expecting them to come back, but when we saw they’re being held back, messages came from their families. I personally spoke to five MLAs. They said they’re captive and that their phones have been snatched away. There is Police in front of every room. They’re being followed 24/7.”

According to him, some of the MLAs told him that they were in Bengaluru against their will. He tweeted, “BJP’s model of democracy: MLAs can’t speak to CM, MLAs can’t speak to their family members, MLAs can’t speak to Speaker, MLAs can’t speak to party leaders. MLAs will only speak under controlled circumstances & glare of goons posted by opposition,”

Digvijaya Singh Dragged by Cops in Bengaluru, Tried to Meet 22 Rebel MLAs | tnbclive.in

Mr Singh further tweeted demanding to meet with the MLAs. “I demand that we must be allowed to meet our MLAs who are in BJP’s captivity. I announce my hunger strike till we are allowed to meet our MLAs. We live in democracy, not dictatorship,” The Congress has also approached the Supreme Court, asking for its intervention for the release of the MLAs. The party also demanded to stay present in the assembly for the trust vote. 

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