Today morning Senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh challenged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to file a case against him. Earlier Mr. Singh had described the Pulwama terror attack as a “durghatana” (accident) on Twitter. After his tweet, he was criticized by PM Modi.
Today, Mr. Singh has tweeted in Hindi, “The tweet for which you and your ministers branded me as a Pakistani supporter and deshdrohi (traitor), I tweeted that from Delhi where the police is under the central government. If you have the courage, please file a case against me.”
The Congress leader on Tuesday wrote on Twitter after the Pulwama attack raising questions over Indian Air Force’s air strike on a major terror training camp at Balakot in Pakistan and he called it as Pulwama “accident”. His tweet raised doubts over the credibility of the Modi government.
Several ministers have slammed Mr. Singh for his remark on social media that the Pulwama attack in which 40 CRPF soldiers were killed was an “accident”. The former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister tweeted again, “Pulwama was a terrorist attack, what is the doubt in that? The troll army is evading primary questions.”
Mr. Modi referring to his statement has said that such remarks reflect the “mentality” of his party. While addressing a rally at Dhar in Madhya Pradesh, PM Modi said, “The party that ruled our country for decades is now questioning the ability of our brave forces. Today, a leader from Madhya Pradesh said that the Pulwama terror attack was an accident. This is their mentality…”
Union Minister VK Singh tweeted: “Calling a terrorist attack an ‘accident’ should NOT be the political discourse in our country. @digvijaya_28 ji, would you call Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination an accident? Don’t weaken the nation & the morale of our armed forces with these senseless jibes.”
After the airstrike of IAF on February 26, several opposition leaders have asked the PM to give the details of the strike or clear the figure that how many terrorists were finished but the government has not given any official figures so far.

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