Delhi's Azadpur Mandi Closed After a Trader Died of Coronavirus - TNBCLive

Asia’s biggest wholesale market for vegetables and fruits was closed after a trader died of coronavirus. The traders in Delhi’s Azadpur Mandi closed 300 shops demanding the government to scale up COVID-19 testing in the market. 

On Wednesday, two more new cases emerged in the 100-acres market place, after which the traders took the decision to close down the market. 

The authorities are in grave tension as Azadpur is a congested area where 2800 shops are tightly packed employing thousands of people. If the highly contagious coronavirus starts to spread it may affect thousands of people.

A 57-year-old trader died after testing positive for the virus and 17 people who came in contact with him have been tested. Among them one was his relative and the other 16 were his employees. On Monday, the trader had tested positive for the virus while his sample was collected on April 14. 

Officials are trying to trace more people who may have come in contact with him. 

Amid the nationwide lockdown, farmers and traders have received a hard hit. The Delhi government allowed the  Azadpur Mandi to operate between 6 am to 10 pm so that the vegetable prices stay down. The government also directed only  1,000 people can enter the market at a time, for the sake of social distancing.

Delhi has recorded 2376 coronavirus cases so far along with 50 deaths. All over the country there are 23,077 cases of coronavirus with more than 700 deaths. To slow the transmission of the coronavirus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced lockdown till May 3. But, the increasing number of cases may cause to extend the lockdown. 

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